How to choose a nursing home

Tina Hogarth-Clarke was recently interviewed by Li Xia from Caring For Seniors ( about how children can choose a nursing home for their parents. We talk about: Signs to determine if your parent needs to move (safety vs financial) How to involve parents in the residential care move (and who else needs to be involved?) Role…

Tina from Into Aged Care

Residential Aged Care Agreement Review

Some agreements appear to be more complicated than others. Into Aged Care will go through your residential aged care agreement with you and explain what each item means to ensure you understand what you are signing prior to committing. Hourly consultation rates available. Contact us to find out more

Into Aged Care

Understanding the Aged Care Maze

During this consultation, Into Aged Care will go through all of the options available to you and how to access any services you might need now and into the future. This includes home care, downsizing, independent living options and residential aged care services. We will discuss the costs associated with each option and help you work…